Richard McCandless

Regional Director – North East England & Scotland

Richard is an inspirational Sales Leader with a growth delivery mindset. He gets results! He has deep sales, operations, and customer management experience in delivering digital enterprise solutions globally. From growing successful sales engines (teams) across the globe to imagining and defining the product, through to delivery and management of the solution, Richard focuses on supporting and enabling enterprises to grow their top line and retain customers. Richard has the tremendous capability with a growth mindset. A man of action for sure.


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Workshops, Teams and Meetings


Training Needs Program Design and Delivery

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Sales and results are in my DNA!

There is not a single role throughout my 20+ year career where sales and results have not been at the forefront of everything I do. In the first half, I started in hospitality operations working with brands like Gleneagles Hotel, Hilton Hotels, MacDonald Hotels and Resorts to high street restaurant chains. I spent the past 10 years scaling SaaS business’s holding several positions from Global Sales Manager to CEO. I have implemented go-to-market strategies in several countries and built, led and coached extremely successful sales teams in the UK, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, EU (Ireland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal) and Dubai. A proven record of scaling SaaS business bootstrapped to raising investment to a successful acquisition.

I am passionate about helping companies create opportunities to deliver high-level results and exceed sales expectations. I work closely with businesses to understand their business, their vision and values, their current performance and their concerns. Success comes in many forms from top-line growth, expansion into new territories, diversification of products and services to individual and team development. I will work with businesses to provide tailored training and development strategies that provide results in all of the above areas and more. Most importantly we will have fun doing it!

Key Areas of Expertise

Design Go-To-Market strategies and implementation
Design and implement recruitment strategies
Business GAP analysis
Sales Force Effectiveness assessment, strategies and training solutions
Performance management design and implementation
Creating and inspiring high-performance teams through coaching
Enabling people managers to become inspiring leaders
A creative problem solver to get improved performance and greater results.

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