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How Kiss The Fish can accelerate your business growth

We bring the knowledge and experience
you need to scale your business.
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Kiss The Fish Sales Directors are of a high-calibre with a proven track record of transformation through their leadership. All are board experienced and they know how to grow sales revenues. By engaging with Kiss The Fish, you can have all that a professional strategic Sales Director offers, without any risk of a long term contract.

What our high-calibre proven Sales Directors do:

  • Run our diagnostic programme to reveal issues and opportunity
  • Work with you the business leadership under your vision to establish an acceleration programme & growth strategy
  • Pricing & Negotiation strength
  • Advise you and your board on all things sales

Accelerating your business growth

Kiss The Fish’s team of sales experts bring their knowledge and experience to create the business impact you need to scale your business. Everything we believe in and do at Kiss The Fish reflects this truism about human interaction.

The Six Pillars Of
Sales Growth

Hear Terry Morris, Regional Director – Central England & Wales, explain how our questionnaire can help accelerate your Sales Growth. 

Of the 1,295 participants who have taken the questionnaire, 72% identified areas in their business that were preventing sales growth and needed immediate focus.

Click below to see which areas of your business need urgent attention!

Our process for your improvement

  • We check in with your goals and ambitions for the business and we create a journey of development in line with your vision and purpose.
  • We assess your people’s potential and their current efficiency. We do this scientifically through our licensed profiling products and we obviously use our transformational experience to assess and provide certainty for you to know if your current team are in the right place, doing the right things with the required potential. 
  • We review your structures and management process and information. We review your KPI’s and your motivational drivers etc.
  • We review your client approach, your value proposition and your sales potential – most important of all we fully investigate your pricing potential (increases in price drop straight to the bottom line) – we have a specialist pricing coach to research this with you.
  • We see things from your clients point of view (this is the magic that makes the difference)
  • We re-write the plan and make the journey motivational and worthwhile
  • We invigorate the required changes, we change the quality and quantity of your teams output.
  • We measure it and we help you measure what you need to see happening.


We use two powerful personal and team profiling tools which add science to our assessments of your people. They motivate and provide the bedrock for individual development to the standards you require. Profiling works because it is motivating and brings a high level of self-awareness. This is the first step to successful individual and organisational change.
S.D.I. – Strength Deployment Inventory from Personal Strengths Publishing Ltd.
A very powerful motivation profile that shows us (and you) the potential of an individual to excel at sales (or various aspects of sales). This sometimes uncovers genuine talent that you may not be aware of and helps us check if you’ve got the right people doing the right things that will truly motivate them.
P.P.A. DISC from Thomas International Ltd.
A behaviour profile that reveals how a person is currently performing in four key behaviours that matter in business activity and in particular sales performance.

“People won’t remember what you say – they won’t remember what you do, but they will remember how you made them feel”

– Maya Angelou

Everything we believe in and do at Kiss The Fish reflects this truism about human interaction.

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