Can your sales team quantify in £££’s how much money your clients make because they buy from you?

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by Andrew Milbourn, CEO of Kiss The Fish

That’s the question you need an answer to. If your sales team members can’t tell you then, simply, they don’t know enough about their clients or even why their clients should be buying from you.

People say to me “But you can’t possibly ask that” and I say, “Why on earth not? – of course, you can, and you should – the best salespeople always know their true value because they are that close to their client’s business”.

When I sell something (anything) I want to know:

  1. Why do you need it (in your terms)?
  2. What problem does it solve (in detail)?
  3. What that’s worth to you (in £££’s)?
  4. What that is really worth if you consider the time, money, and hidden costs of either not solving the problem as well as you do, or not solving the problem at all?

These are what we call the KILLER QUESTIONS – they help us help the client by ‘framing’ the buying paradigm. It is part of the role of a great salesperson to help the buyer buy and understand the solution they REALLY want.

Now of course you must put yourself in a position of trust if you are going to get this kind of conversation happening in every sales call – and that’s not easy. Salespeople should be skilled in the art of conversation; they need to be able to get attention but not be the center of attention and that is a real skill.

At Kiss The Fish we find that with Sales Coaching sales people can reach their full potential – even to the grand heights of being at the top of their game. We call it a ‘CLIENT COACH’.  You may have heard of the title ‘trusted advisor’ – it’s an overused name that far too many salespeople claim to have become. Well, if they can’t answer my first question, then there is no way they truly have the ability to advise a client as they claim.

By investing in sales team coaching, you will be able to find out what their real potential is – what have you got to lose? You’ll pay for the investment several times over in no time because sales coaching can increase output by up to 50%. We can chart their progress and show you how each development journey maps out.

We will tell your team members what stage on our Sales Proficiency map they are at currently and help them find and develop their true potential.

Find out how good your salespeople are – ask them the question and to help them find out the real answer to their potential, get in touch with us at

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