Where Should My Focus Be In October?

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by Terry Morris, Regional Director – Central England & Wales

What do the most successful business leaders focus their time on in October?

For many of us whose financial year is the same as the calendar year, we are in Q4.

  • Should the focus be on maximizing revenue and profit before year-end? 
  • Should it be on planning for the next fiscal year?

The answer is, of course, “Yes” to both – Q4 is the latest stage in the year when sales/business leaders need to carefully, and deliberately, split their time and focus between this year’s results and next year’s plan. 

How is this possible given that we’re all short on time and working flat-out to do the best job we can, let alone trying to do 2-things at once? One option is to keep our head down and focus on the ‘now’ with the intention of thinking about next year… well, next year. However, we all know the importance of ‘hitting the ground running’ at the start of a new year – this is vital, not only to maximize business results but to also ensure that we have a highly motivated team. 

Consider this – what would be the impact of everyone coming back to work after the festive break with a clear understanding of their individual goals/targets, potential bonus scheme, their customers, the overall business objectives… the list goes on, but you get the picture!

The good news is that this is possible and the team at Kiss the Fish can help. We’ve been doing this for many years, across many industries, and with/for companies of all sizes.

We take a forensic look at the end-to-end sales processes of our customers with a view to looking for areas of improvement. We consider and review what is working well and look for areas where there is room for improvement. 

This usually includes, but is not limited to: 

  • People – Skills, Development, Accountability, Culture
  • Processes – Targets, Bonus Schemes, KPIs, Reporting, Forecasting
  • Offerings – Core, Strategic, Profit Contribution, Complimentary, Distraction
  • Pricing – Review, Levels of Delegation, Approval, Communication
  • Customers – Segmentation, Resource Allocation, New-Business Plan
  • Execution  Implementing any changes and ongoing support

Our goal is to work with you and your salespeople to inspire them to exceed their targets, give them the tools to do so, and, improve your customers’ experience when dealing with you as a supplier.

If your financial year runs to the end of March (or later), the good news is that we have more time to accelerate your sales growth. 

However, it’s never too early to start planning…

If you’d like to discuss how Kiss The Fish can accelerate your sales growth, contact me at any of the below

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