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Kiss the Fish

It might be an odd name...

but there is nothing odd about how we can benefit your

Running a business is hard. Sometimes it might feel like it’s running you

And here is why solving this dilemma is difficult:
  • Your business is unique
  • Your problem’s are specific to you
  • Every team member demands individual guidance

Take comfort in the knowledge that help is at hand

Creating Impact – using the skills of the mentor, the consultant, the coach and the trainer we help move your business to a new level of long-term financial stability

Enhancing People, Processes and Performance

We create impact by offering advice and support that helps your business to
  • Be more mature
  • Be more resilient
  • Accelerate growth
  • Embrace change
  • Enhance your sales teams efficiency and effectiveness

Success comes through achieving one, some or all of them

By working with us your business is stronger and more resilient

5 Stages of Sales Proficiency

Our experience shows that there is a well-worn path to enhancing business performance
5 Stages of Sales Proficiency
  • Your business needs to move along the growth curve to grow

  • You and your team need to do the same

  • They need to be aware of the change programme and what it means for them

Next Steps

Download and complete our Attract and Retain the Ideal Customer PDF

Then send it back to us at info@kissthefish.net or call us on 02089791204

You talk, we listen and then we draw up a plan that works – one that gives you renewed hope and a prosperous future

A positive outcome to your dream you worked so hard to achieve