Terry Morris

Regional Director – Central England & Wales

Terry is an extremely experienced and inspirational sales director, trainer, and coach. He focuses his time on inspiring individuals, teams, and businesses to be the best that they can be. He gets results and ensures that so do his clients!


One to One


Workshops, Teams and Meetings


Training Needs Program Design and Delivery

Terry is an extremely experienced and inspirational 

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Having spent 30 years building, managing, and transforming sales teams, I understand the skills, processes and attitude required for highly successful selling. My corporate career included working for large, multi-national organisations including IBM, Dell/EMC and O2/Telefonica. I now work with forward-thinking, ambitious people, addressing the skills, behaviours and performance required to improve business outcomes. I continuously seek to find new ways to tackle old problems and deliver value-add to customers by transforming sales teams and business units to adapt and win in new, changing markets.

My analytical approach sees me work very closely with each of my customers to understand their business, their concerns, their vision, and their goals. I work with them to produce tailored training and development solutions that result in improved and tangible results.

My experience across multiple industry sectors (including Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare, Energy & Public) and working with companies of all sizes helps me to quickly uncover issues and opportunities, and to develop and implement appropriate actions. My positive approach also makes sure that those I interact with enjoy their work! I also apply the same approach to my activities working with charitable organisations.

Key Areas of Expertise

Sales Force Effectiveness assessment, strategies, and training solutions
Organisational training needs analysis
Enabling managers of people to become great leaders
Performance management design and implementation
Creating high performing teams
Executive coaching
Creative problem-solving facilitation for improved performance
Psychometric Testing and assessment centre

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