It's Half-Time For Your Sales Target!


by Terry Morris, Regional Director – Central England & Wales

Here we are in July which means, for those of us whose financial year is the same as the calendar year, we’re at the mid-point, or, in sporting terms, it’s Half-Time.

And this is when the team would come off the pitch and regroup in the changing rooms with their coach. Time would be taken to review what was working well and where there is room for improvement to maximise the team’s success in the 2nd half.

Is everyone playing to the best of their individual strengths, or would the overall team, as well as the individuals involved, benefit from refocussing their position? What needs to be done to revive or increase confidence? What changes should be made to improve the performance in the 2nd half. And what coaching/training needs to be put in place to ensure greater success in the longer term?

With that in mind, how would you reflect on your team’s performance in the 1st half? Given the chance, what would you have done differently? Has everyone been focussing on doing the right things, with the right contacts within the right customers/prospects at the right time?  

It could be that you are aware of areas of improvement and plan to make changes. In which case, what steps do you have in place to ensure that you do indeed make those changes?

Or it could be that you know that you should be doing things differently, but you don’t know what or how.

That’s where we come in…

At Kiss The Fish, we take a forensic look at the end-to-end sales processes of our customers with a view to looking for areas of improvement. We then take a hands-on approach to working with your salespeople to inspire them to exceed their targets, giving them the tools to do so and, improving your customer’s experience when dealing with you as a supplier.

The good news is that, with 6-months left of this year, we can get you back on track and Accelerate your Sales Growth!

You can see and hear more about how we do that by clicking here

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