Training backed by research

At Kiss the Fish we will only offer you training when and if we are convinced that it really is what you need in order to solve the problem that you are planning to spend training budget on. From our experience, training that isn't a strategic part of the business and management process can be a waste of money. We know that from experience both as senior managers who have bought training within corporations and from being on the receiving end of some of the work of "highly trained" people.

Once we have agreed with you that training your team or you as a person is appropriate, we will seek out with you what change you are looking for. In fact, we don't much like the word "Training" because it implies "education", "instruction" and "discipline" but not necessarily any result!

Our challenge is to try to fully understand the problem you are trying to solve and offer a genuine, measurable solution. We recognise and understand that individuals are the most important resource an organisation has and we specialise in 'people improvement.' So, if you ask us for training you might get much more than what you expect presented back to you in order to achieve what you want. This is because we care passionately about your results and our reputation.

Why our training works

We always try to tie in our work to what you are already doing and we ask if you have the capability to follow up what we do. We issue development agendas if you don't have the HR capacity that you may like. These are personal journey commitments that ensure the individuals take the investment seriously. We guarantee that after a session with one of our trainers your people will be motivated, challenged and equipped.

Getting you close to reality for Sales

We will try to simulate the environment you work in by using knowledgeable or experienced participants to really put your people through their paces. We recommend using "real" buyers in the role play work we do so that your people are truly tested and coached in a safe and accurate environment.

Training Programmes we run

  • Consultative Selling
  • Cold calling and presenting
  • Introduction to selling for service teams
  • Presentation skills and running meetings
  • Selling to agencies and/or procurement
  • Negotiation Pathway
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Leadership Skills
  • Managing teams and the business
  • Managing sales and Forecasting and Budgeting for sales
  • Peak performance - getting the most out of your ability

Bespoke programmes

We have enough experience between us to put together any people focused training that you may wish to brief us on. Just ask for a meeting and we'll put together a proposal.


Our work is a valuable investment by your business and we treat it as such. Costs of training vary according to need and your team's requirements. We may include profiling and/or other activities that may involve more than one presenter or participant.

Client testimonial

“Andrew is a "jedi-master" of selling and sales training.

Andrew came highly recommended to me many years ago after the incredible results he oversaw and was responsible for while at Future Publishing. The first project we commissioned him on saw our sales revenues double in just 6 months.

If you are serious about getting the best results from your sales function, he is the best man for the job. He is easy to work with, personable, and an excellent strategic thinker. He is also able to identify effective and positive ways through tough positions, and can roll his sleeves up and get his hands dirty when required.”

Richard Dennis, VP Marketing, Qype
Formerly MD of Brilliant Weekends Ltd