It is true for most businesses that most of their turnover comes from a small minority of very important customers. Add to this the fact that it costs somewhere around five times as much to add a new customer as it does to keep an existing one and you have the reason why you should seriously consider having Insight in your business.

Insight is a client relationship management tool which shows you what you need to do in order to keep the relationship with the important money sweet.

Crucially, we operate externally to your business, this gives us access to information that you are unlikely to ever hear about from your clients.

Insight is a 360-degree 4-stage business tool that gets the client team and the client round the same table, adding a huge amount of value to your relationship.

  • Stage 1 - We get everyone involved (all parties) with an online survey.
  • Stage 2 - We profile the team skills, the personal behaviours and the motivations of the two sides.
  • Stage 3 - We go and listen to all of your clients team and your own business team. We hold face-to-face interviews to really dig under the surface of the relationship and gain full understanding of what you are missing.
  • Stage 4 - We get the teams together and we deliver the findings and work on a plan to cement the relationship and keep both sides on top of their game.

The process adds a huge amount of value to the client relationship and their business. By engaging with our Insight product, you will be seen to be engaging in nurturing and interest, two things that clients desire and enjoy.

Can you afford not to have your key account secured?

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Client testimonial

“Andrew and his team have had a significant positive impact on the business since we started working with Kiss the Fish. He has helped our senior team engage clients in new services and given us insight into how best to future proof the business in a fast-moving environment. The team here all respect his perspective as independent yet sufficiently knowledgeable of us to be trusted implicitly.”

Marc Mendoza, CEO,
Media Planning Group