Reigniting the sales team

"What I need is a sales team"...
..."I want to walk onto the sales floor and experience a real buzz"...
..."They seem so apathetic"...
..."Sales teams for me are about commitment to the team, passion to achieve extraordinary results and a culture of excitement and activity"...
..."They do their job as individuals and withdraw at lunch time and in the evenings, they're not together as a team."

At KTF we make it our business to understand what our clients are saying they need and above are some actual quotations from different business leaders. Often people seek training solutions, however, our experience shows that this will only give part of the solution.

Our view is that as markets are changing fast a 360 degree approach is required; Buyers are "sales savy" and traditional sales techniques simply wont be good enough. Research shows that only a consultative "problem solving" approach that fully engages with clients makes the difference.

Don't misunderstand us. If you want to buy training then we have some of the best tried and tested products on the market. However, our value is in our name and we strive to offer the best return on your investment. Training will offer a boost, a stop gap but if you are looking to reignite the sales team for all the right reasons then the whole process needs to be re-examined inside out! The revolution begins with stage 1 of a 4 stage process:

Our approach to your sales growth

  1. Audit your clients and benchmark your performance vs key competitors
  2. Profile your staff and audit their skills
  3. Agree strategy and add value to your team
  4. Coach the individuals through the change required for success

Reasons to engage with the KTF Inside Out process:

  • We will show you what your customers really think of you and your competitors.
  • We will show each member of your team where they are currently against plan and where you need them to be (motivation).

We will work with them as a team and as individuals to accelerate your growth. We will put the required metrics in place and roll our sleeves up to work with you. Finally, we wont rest until you've got what you wanted.

Client testimonial

“I would like to let you know that the feedback from my senior management team on the work programme you have been leading for us is excellent. Its clearly still early days in the project but your input is making a big difference and has proven invaluable in accelerating our skills and challenging our culture.

To a man, the feedback and enthusiasm amongst the team is highly positive. I'm confident that our client teams are changing the way they view what they do and see the need to make what they do more relevant to their clients. The other great success is that they are all getting better at selling without overtly seeing it as 'selling'.

Keep up the good work!”

Paul Frampton, Managing Director,
MPG and Media Contacts
(Unsolicited email)