All about us

The founder of the business, Andrew Milbourn, first came across the term "Kiss the Fish" online, as a quote from an American swimming coach. "When in doubt, Kiss the Fish" is the phrase used to enable the young swimming students in his charge to overcome their fear of being bitten by "sea monsters" (fish) when getting into the lake.

"Kiss the Fish" is a metaphor for enabling change and confronting the blocks to growth. We will enable you to "Get in the pool" and proactively continue your journey to success.

Kiss the Fish is made up of very experienced staff, all of whom have a track record that speaks for itself. We aren't all the same because we don't all do the same job. Our skills, experience and expertise blend together to provide options for each problem that we encounter on behalf of our customers.

There is no risk to working with KTF. We are concerend with your ROI and if we can't see a way to pay for the work we will say so.

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Andrew Milbourn
Andrew set up Kiss the Fish in late 2007 and is responsible for developing the business that it is today.  > Read full bio

Client testimonial

“Andrew and his team have had a significant positive impact on the business since we started working with Kiss the Fish. He has helped our senior team engage clients in new services and given us insight into how best to future proof the business in a fast moving environment. The team here all respect his perspective as independent yet sufficiently knowledgeable of us to be trusted implicitly. ”

Marc Mendoza, CEO,
Media Planning Group